Hans Gál: Music for Voices, Volume Two

After a long wait imposed by the Covid pandemic, we present our third CD recording with Toccata Classics

Cover image of Hans Gal: Music for Voices, Volume Two
Whether in his original home of Vienna, as a conservatoire director in Germany, or as an émigré in Edinburgh, where he became one of the mainstays of musical life, Hans Gál (1890–1987) championed choral singing as a way of directly involving people in making music: he founded and conducted a number of choirs and provided an extensive output of choral compositions. This second album of Gál’s choral music offers a vivid cross-section of his music for chamber choir, featuring mixed voices, women’s voices and male-voice choir, both a cappella and with piano, and ranging across four decades.
Featuring the following works
    • Drei Lieder nach Gedichten von Rainer Maria Rilke, Op. 31, for women’s voices (1928)
    • Three Lyrics to Poems by Thomas Moore, unpublished, for 4-part mixed choir (1928)
    • Songs of Youth, Op. 75, for men’s voices (1959)
    • Two Madrigals to Poems by Thomas Lodge, unpublished, for 4-part mixed choir (1939-40)
    • Spätlese, Op. 91, for men’s voices (1966)
    • Drei Gesänge, Op. 37, for 4-part mixed choir (1929-30)
    • Drei Porträtstudien nach Gedichten von Wilhelm Busch, Op. 34, for men’s voices (1929)