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Borealis: we are a professional chamber choir based in the North of England, drawing our membership from among the finest singers residing in the North.

Our mission is to give performances of the highest quality, focusing on northern England whilst also touring further afield and abroad. Alongside the standard choral repertoire, we aim to present ambitious and exciting programmes and similarly innovative recordings, often bringing to light music and composers who have not received the recognition they deserve.

Whilst we were formally established as recently as 2017, most of our singers are or have been leading members of two of the region’s most accomplished and longstanding amateur ensembles, the Clothworkers Consort of Leeds and Orion Chamber Choir. Our members also perform with a variety of other high-profile ensembles and cathedral choirs.

United as a single choir of 16–20 singers, and directed by Bridget Budge and Steve Muir, these voices combine to produce a uniquely rich yet agile sound, a perfect blend of youthful vibrancy and the solid bedrock of experience.